Toltecs & Teotihuacan

The Toltecs flourished between 9-12ad(1150) in Mexico. In 9ad they lived in the great historical legendary Archeological city Teotihuacan. Their chief at that time was Mixcoatl ( cloud serpent). & The cult of the god “Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent was formed.

The military orders were The coyote,The Jaquars , & The Eagle. The Toltecs were noted for their building ,& craftsmanship,fine metalwork, monumental Porticos, serpent columns, gigantic statues,&carved human & animal standard -bearers.

Teotihuacan was probably not built by the Toltecs , it appears to have been in existence since 400ad maybe has been a UNESCO heritage Archeological site since 1987..

It’s name is means ” place where gods are made/buried.

The Avenue of dead all the buildings are laid out at the same distance as our Solar System..

The following is a list of the still.preserved buildings, this list is comprised from a course listing that I did with the wonderful Don Miguel Ruiz & family.

  1. Plaza of Quetzalcoatl
  2. Island of safety
  3. Temple of Quetzalcoatl
  4. Avenue if dead
  5. Plaza of Temptation
  6. Plaza of water
  7. Plaza of air
  8. Plaza of fire
  9. Plaza of recollection
  10. Tetila
  11. Palace of Jaguars
  12. Pyramid of Moon
  13. Pyramid of Sun.

One of the many intriguing mesmerizing mysterious higher consciousness places on Earth.


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