Asking “What’s next” ?

Be honest how often have asked “What,s next” Asking “what’s next” is fear based old energy thinking, it,s that I am lost,, constantly pushing into what the future might hold syndrome.

The now is what’s next, always will be, your now is where you create the future..we really do not need to know what’s next, particularly in eseotric, spiritual knowledge, because you only receive what you are ready too & know at all times.

Future spiritual knowing will always be that, & will always be different to what you expect it to be..the exact workings of the plan/ system is bigger, & more magnificent then anything Linear 3D limited thinking/bias/ logic can comprehend, therefore it has to be drip fed in bite sized often metaphophoric puzzles , & only when the recipient has become aware enough to work it out.

Your personal what next might be something that relates to past information that reveals something in the now, , or a small fragment of new information, or a hint of something you need to do now that takes you onto a future path..the asking of”what’s next” is the limited boxed future guessing game.

Everything is knowable, in the one consciousness, but we only need to know what’s appropriate now ..the new energy & you only have to look to see, has no future predictions, timeline, made by man, not like the old pre 2012 energy which was full of fear based prophecies, destruction,war,famine,bad news.

All future potentials of mankind lie in the fields of limitless knowing, waiting to be brought into manifestation. We no longer have past low dense darkness repeating patterns for guidance… celebrate 🤩 .in that knowing, we are creating a fresher now reality which will be our “what’s next ”

Much love,honour & gratitude..GG💚

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