Cashless Society

It surely will not be long before we have a cashless Society. Especially as the Covid-19 pandemic has been used as a test run for this by those behind the “Great Reset”.

Very little cash transactions are done now, & even less of the general public hold any large amounts of cash…except the black market criminals (maybe?)

In 2015 the Bank of England proposed a complete ban on cash & it is illegal for French citizens to pay for anything over €1000 with cash.

So it might be that part of this Great Reset is a digital monetry system (not to be confused with digital crypto currency) run by a few central banks. Where your personal bank account ,will be no longer personal, but linked with all your data to government run ones, where they use monetry incentives to get you to behave as they want you to.. lol.

This is in fact already in use in surprise really😊.. where 💯 million of it’s citizens are excluded from social credit for all public transport & flights..don’t worry, this is all dark induced energy coming out for all to see. ..& part of these ideas will be revamped,changed & probably used in more light consciousness integrity… happy days 😃..what a wonderful tv series that was..Heeey👍. As Fonzie said…GG

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