Excercise diet,&;smart body healing.

The days of old energy daily exhausting excercise & horrible diets, that may or may not work are over…hooray!🤩

In the new energy, we now have smart body healing, by telling our body with clarity & intent what we want , IE: ” beautiful body I give you permission to … activate my innate, repair & enhance my DNA, heal me & keep me healthy & free from illness,sickness & disease, & reverse the aging process… speak to me , tell me what I need to”…or something that is appropriate to you , once everyday is sufficient, & over time, your body in quiet moments will respond, & you will act accordingly, in beautiful ways that are Appropriate to you,that are natural.you will begin to suddenly crave different foods,do excercise that is not damaging or hurtful or painful, ..as your smart body responds to your consciousness & not your 3D linear thinking brain synapse.

This is now the new way forward..a conscious unity communication between you a your higher aware innate,smart body…it has been waiting for you to give permission..body awareness, & natural alignment to health is now here. .. use it.

Love love GG❤️💛🧡🌹

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