Our souls Galactic remembering.

The Akosh & Akashic records are our stored memeries of our planets history & our past lives.

When we die these are left behind in the crystal cave, they are not stored in our departing soul…so when we decide to reincarnate our soul is in effect empty of any of our past life,planetery history, it gets reunited with this when we take on our physical form , it gets transfered back into us via our dna,.

So we have the ability to potentially recall & remember all of our humanities 200,000+yr history ,& our past lives..

Now hold onto your curlers..lol.this is where it gets interesting 🤔

It is our soul itself that actually stores our entire Galactic timeline lineage, right back to when we were in oneness with His/source/universe, & with the out pouring of new energy , which was triggered when we reached & past 2012,. We can now begin to recall this aspect of ourselves,it links to DNA…which when repaired & expanded enables us to now remember aspects of & eventually all of our entire starseedings & even back to our very 1st memories of making the descion to split from the whole beauty of oneness. & Increadably even the ultimate memory of the collective consciousness of pure love.

These memories because of our present low level working dna ablities 28-33% are the yearnings we get in our soul ,that waiting to become god sensation, that desire to discover our true home.

This is why the repairing & enhancement of our Dna is such an important tool to use in our spiritual , Eseotric expansion,. At around 40% -44%. Dna working capacity our history beyond our human existance really flows.. this is how magnificent we are , millions of years our of galactic history ready to be uncovered & known.

Blessings ❤️💛🧡. GG

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