New energy children & old souls.

This article is not intended to infringe on any readers beliefs & knowing is my truth & you have free choice to take as little, as much or none of the information as you feel comfortable with.

Those born between 2000 & present day were all birthed in the new energy, even though the new energy did not fully kick in until. 2012, it began to seep & creep in 2000..In 2020 the world population of 20yr olds & younger was approximately 33%..around 2.7 billion..the majority of these were either new souls,or ones that have reincarnated only a few times.

These humans therefore have very little awareness of the old fully dark dense low energy that had existed for at least 50,000 yrs prior to this..this lifetime they have experienced no major wars, & will either know or do already the computerised gadgetry ,high tech , digital,IT, & AI.. world we live in , along with this they have been born in a much more aware higher consciousness energy, naturally more aware then any of the younger generations before them.

The younger ones 6-15 yr olds will be the next up & coming politicians,business leaders, economist, scientists, IT,AI, computer geniuses,etc, the changes on our planet have to happen, these young (age wise) humans are already thinking different, because they are different, they are the 1st born generation of the new conscious energy..& have very little memory of the old ways.. so they can only see our world the way it has been for the past few years, & they know they don’t want any of the past old energy that still exists now.. parents you know how different & difficult young children & early teens can be, they are awkward to say the…these will lead the initial changes that are needed on our planet with regard to economics, business, politics, agriculture,health,& technology..& boy will it surprise, the likes of Bill Gates, Geoff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, & Zhong shanson..sure it won’t change immediately but change it sure will…new energy young consciousness v old energy billionaire egotistical control..but wait there’s more;😋

Old souls.

There are approximately 80million old souls on the planet..there role in helping expand the higher consciousness of Humanity is just as magnificent & beautiful as the new energy birthed ones…an old soul can be some one who is 22 or 92 it’s not about linear 3D time’s about humans that have had many many lifetime’s, a 500 or more..& are alive today..they hold the knowledge.of the ancients, & the knowledge of our Pleiadian starseed mother ancestors ..& unlike the new energy birthed generation can access this information, now, in today’s new energy, & use this information & energy to change the consciousness.of Gaia,s crystalline grid, planting their own future lifetimes, & the future consciousness of every reincarnated human , enabling them to remember instantaneously who they are, & where we come from , instant spiritual education & higher consciousness , an aware baby..who,s parents will activally encourage them in their ways, & not the old controlling programmed paradym,s of yesteryear,..a new ever expanding human…

Another.part of the old souls purpose is to live in there wisdom , & pass it.on to everybody.they can,..the more people that know , the quicker the evolution of Humanity, & we can bring about the limitless potentials in the fields..& maybe in a million.or so years us humans are advanced enough in our conscious being to be able seed life on another fledging young planet..thus continuing the growth of this galaxy & beyond..this is how magnificent we truly are…

In honour, respect & spiritual benevelence..GG💙🖤♥️


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