Mother’s ,the female, goddesses & the feminine spiritual energy.

In dedication.

To all the mother’s , goddesses, feminine spirit – energy of tenderness, compassion & caring.

I bow my head, hand on heart in reverence, respect, understanding & open in choice to receiving your beautiful wonderful knowing & wisdom.

I send blessings to all my past life mother’s, & my own motherhood experiences, which now serve me in my unified beautiful understanding of Gaia,Titania, The warrior Valkyrie,St Joan of Arc, lady Diana Spencer, Mother Theresa, The diety Goddess Shakti, & all the wonderful carriers of this all encompassing energy throughout the history of our planet.

I send a soaring beam of beautiful love,light, benevelence thanking consciousness into the skies & beyond,into the stars & the magnificence of our starseed mother’s the beautiful, wonderful benevelant higher conscious light beings the Pleiadians ,& the sisterhood of the 7 sisters in that beautiful shinning place.

Gratitude ,Grace , Namaste 🙏…GG


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