More on DNA repair & restoration.

As I have said a few times previously, the new energy has brought with it new information & tools for a new spiritual evolving Humanity.

One of the best new tools available right now, is the repairing & enhancment of our DNA, it has been working at currently around 28-30% of it’s capacity, it can be by simply asking with intent affirmations in meditation rewired ,repaired & increased in it’s working capacity.. our multi-dimensional ,super conscious unseen DNA lies in our Merkarba, & our smart bodies innate immune system can align us to this…a more effective, efficient DNA is the key to reversing the aging process, help the brain synapse into our 8mtr x 8mtr light conscious energy body, opening us to the masses of potentials that now lie in the fields ,that have up until now not been available..this is a truly wonderful gift from God/source, & everybody can access it..I believe everybody.should try to access this.phenominal new energy & tool that has descend.upon us ..imagine what we could achieve with our Dna working at at even 40% . This is a must have recommendation from GG. Through free choice of course. Lol ..🧡⭐💯. Humbled to be here for you in blessings..GG

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