More dark exposed in the UK

In the UK a young woman “Sarah Everard” went missing in the evening a few days ago, near a area in London known as Clapham , the remains of a body have found in Kent..

This kind of thing happened on occasion all over the UK..(nearly every case was reported in the media.. magnifying in the Public’s eye , the regularity of how often it actually happened!)a few years ago..

Now a single case, which I have compassion about, has caused the dark energy to panic yet again, a bill regarding ways to protect women who are out on their own late at night is being rushed into UK parliament for approval…

A fairly prominent member of the house of Lord’s..Baroness Jenny Jones..who is a representative wishes to.add an amendment to the bill that wishes a curfew to be put on men after 6pm…I actually laughed at this, it’s beautiful watching the dark scrabbling about in it’s desperate attempts to survive.. I keep saying the dark energy is dumb, & stupid, & it’s showing itself more & more to be that…the beautiful women & females of the world deserve more credit then this in solving this issue.

The feminine energy is so so much bigger then this generalized attitude towards all men

In benevelence..GG🧡🧡💜

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