Comprehending “everything happens for a reason”

When we hear & see in the news “America today experienced massive fires, or the large areas of the UK were flooded , or a tornado hit so & so, or a Tsunami devasted such & such, or a Earthquake hit this place, or a volcano erupted here..etc etc..most of us shudder & get fearful.about the planets wellbeing, & feel.a bit of a loss for any dead or injured..

Firstly these so called disasters.are actually a blessing, most are natural, Gaia changing the planet, I can 90% guarantee that at least someone probably more, that are caught up in these events are changed on a them.. change as I have often said happens in ways that 3D linear thinking cannot understand, we always have to put something in our limited box to comprehend it, the majestic plan of God/source is way beyond most of Humanities normal conceptual knowing..a single persons altered state into.a higher awareness benefits humanity ,Earth & Gaia immensely…we feel a humans death because of our collective consciousness to each other,it’s like a fragment of ourself dying ..the irony of it is. Death is actually a joyous occasion, as we head home for a while, a bit like somebody going back to their childhood home where they had happy fun, times, or a military man who comes home to his family after his tour of duty only far more so the ones who are lost in these events chose there circumstances to leave this life..mostly to teach others something, or they have completed their own experiences.

It’s easy to simply say “yes I know everything happens for a reason”..but how many of us actually believe this & more importantly comprehend it when these everything’s happen”

I send blessings in love ..GG🧡

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