We created Lockdown?

The higher consciousness of humanity helped create lockdown..be honest anyone of us on a beautiful benevolent spiritual growth, craved change on the planet, that consciousness thought ,through affirmations, meditation, & benevelant compassion actions reverberated out into Gaia ,the universe & source..in order to get that change the planet had to come to a standstill to enable the recalibrating of Earth,s energy, that would have been impossible with the continued activities of our old energy ways.

It was also.imperitive & put in place for humanity to get to used to being alone or as much as possible,..& in that solitude learn new things & adapt to the change, change to around 70-75% of Humanity is extremely difficult, most people still crave insane activity, allowing very little time for themselves, mostly because sitting still in being frightens them..their dark dense energy thoughts of 3D linear thinking, rises to the surface & suffocates them.

This is all part of the perfect plan of spirit,god, source, or whatever name you choose.. everyone of us was given the chance..through free choice, to examine ourselves & take the opportunity to evolve…what a beautiful, benevelant gift was given to us by god,/source, handed to us on.a plate to.understand the new paradym,s templates, & potentials available to us..I hope instead.of being confused & negative you took this wonderful time to embrace the new normal of a changing planet & new human..this is my beautiful friends,readers & follower’s is Humanity beginning to emerge from the kindergarten & finally growing up & claiming our magnificence..we are reaping the knowledge, wisdom,& remembering.that we have sown.. reminder: consciousness, change is never what you expect..it is most of the time beyond our 3D linear must know thinking.

Yet again I tell you how magnificent you are…GG🌈😋


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