Universal Basic IncomešŸ’²

UBI..or universal basic income, is part of this so called great reset..simply put, the government, gives all people who are not essential workers, those who robots have replaced a minimum yearly income; Andrew Yang who I believe is a potential presidency candidate in the US is an advocate of this..the idea is to give everyone who is out of work due to ,the massive impact of IT, computerisation, AI,& robot automation, a basic salary, according to MR Yang that amount would be around $1000 a month..which each recipient can do what they like with(except make more money..lolšŸ˜‹..

This is surely arse up, because all we have to do is step into the expanding higher conscious.& Claim what I call UII. Universal Infinite Income…maybe Mr Wang & anyone else who supports this should perhaps advocate & promote this idea instead..it will be far less costly & give everybody plenty…lol

In benevelant love..šŸ¤©. GG


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