My Covid-19💪

Yes I Did have my Covid-19 vaccine.(which is not really a

Yesterday 10/03/2021 at 16.10pm..the injection itself was 21.00 hours my arm ached, nothing too serious but enough.

The last time I had an injection.of any sort was probably in one of my

The reason I am telling you this is because despite my reservations about having the vaccine.(mainly due to the move to force people to have it, via the implementation.of vaccine passports, & the fact that I had now idea how I would react to having an alien chemical put into my generally very healthy body, which I covered in an earlier post, into my bloodstream.

So why did I through free choice I might add, have this done, when I know my bodies immune system would prevent me from.the virus.

The answer was to actually test the strength of my own immune system in a untested real life scenario, of an invasive chemical in my body & how I would react to a needle..& see if I could actually fight the vaccine itself.

The outcome;

Because I am highly aware in my connection to the god/source, the effects were from my perspective quite extraordinary, I was naturally detached from the outcome & felt the vaccine,s fluid trying to alter my dna body cells, my body resisted it was fascinating, this clash of my natural innate smart body, literally fighting the invader.

It was an incredible experience & showed me not only how the body works, but how strong & beautiful my body & ( yours) is when you are aware of such things.

Question? I now immune from covid-19, well yes because I always knew I was.. sometime,s it pays to make a decision to try & access the true extent of your inner power.

Please note, this is my own personal perspective & approach to the Covid-19 vaccine,..the participating of having the vaccine or not ,has to always be a free choice decision.

In benevelant love & light .GG🌞💜

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  1. Interesting..


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