British Royalty

Since the death of the beautiful, serene, compassionate.Lady Diana Spencer, the British Royals have never quite reached the same heights of popularly.

In truth Diana was the spiritual heart of the UK, & since her death, the UK as a nation kind of lost its way.

Now they have been hit by yet another scandal , this time involving one of Diana’s son,s her youngest son Harry..

I have no real opinion on this, but it just seems another example of the dark being exposed yet again…the Royal family are rooted in the old dark energy..& the closet of inappropriateness is beginning to creak yet again..Andrew only recently, now this,..more to come methinks , as the mask of this establishment slips & the cleaning takes residence…

Watching the dark being exposed is only a joyous is running & has nowhere to benevelence..GG😊

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