No more spiritual fence sitting..😎

It is so wonderful to be alive in these exciting times for humanity & the planet. Never have we as a collective had this energy , opportunity,& this civilization ,the 5th one in existence, to fully make fast tracked strides (in our galaxies reality of becoming who we really are..the light energy consciousness is now on virtual par with the dark once again on this planet.

This dose not mean 50% of the population are suddenly expressing light energy & awareness…Light is far stronger then low density dark, so around 28-33% of Humanity are either beginning to awaken, partially awakened or in some cases fully awakened,..this however is enough to bring back the consciousness on our planet to virtual balance.

This has happened before, only in these previous instances we have chosen to step back into the dark..this time however it is so so different, we have passed the marker for our survival as laid down by our starseed ancestors the Pleiadians.

That marker being the 5th ,26,000yr procession of the Equinoxes, (2012).. once Humanity & Earth survived beyond this point, the 12 pairs of time capsules the Nodes & Nulls that the Pleiadians programmed to activate at this cosmic event the push pull energies began to flow,..the nodes energy pushes the new higher vibrational energy into the crystalline grid, while the Nulls, pulls out the old dark energy that is not needed anymore.

We now have access to more higher dimensional light being aide then ever before, new tools, old tools that work differently & better, many more authentic humans as vessels (channlers)for deities of source & galactic light beings, more women realising there healing shamanic past & choosing this as their career, fresh information, knowledge & wisdom that the majority of Humanity could not access before, only the past masters, indigenous people & a tiny perportion of Humanity…this is now available to all of Humanity through free choice..This sudden influx of light has shattered.the dark energies hold on the planet, & the human free choice driven darkness has had to retreat & react to try to survive,it is in effect been beaten, but dose not know it yet,(because dark is low density dumb energy , without Humanities input) but those self serving humans who have with free choice, chosen dark will continue fighting for dominance..this will now force it to be exposed fully in our 3D linear hidden, as the arrogance.of it’s human contributers comes to the fore…when seen ,more & more of Humanity will awaken ,suddenly aware that they don’t want what is on offer..& more light will come forth..when & how fast this will happen, you may ask?..the answer is dependent on how quickly those of us who are aware stand up & be counted, not fear being ridiculed , no more fence sitting, you are either.light & proud & full of intent in your purpose..even if you may be a little unsure (which is natural) or not, you can know longer be a closet at home only light worker ,we are free & magnificent & extremely powerful in our being, embrace your source, god I AM SELF, & pour light higher into Gaia ,& other humans you are in contact with, friends,family,work colleagues,children, if asked tell them what you are… Gaia is & will respond accordingly..let’s claim our rightful place ..we are past the point of no return..only a Quickening, of when we will reclaim our destiny & who we really areπŸŒžπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ…

I love you all in respectful beautiful benevelence..GG

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  1. Wonderful. 🌹


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