The plum robed monks💜♀️.

The plum robed monks were Taoist monks from.about 2,500 yrs ago.

Each winter solstice they would celebrate with a 3 day plum wine fast…which started on the day before , going through the 21st & into the day after..a 72hr non-talking fast, in which 33 monks dressed in their plum robes would sit together at a table, all were in possession of a bone rapper, with which they would in groups of 11 take turns to continuously knock on the table with the bone rapper for 4 hours at a time, stopping only to drink a glass of plum red wine, before the next 11 started another 4 hour knocking session..they would finish at midnight on the 3rd day , before breaking their fast with a bountiful evening meal…what great dedication to spirit & honouring the moon on her longest night of the year… Fascinating.

You are all beautiful , magnificent & loved ..GG


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