More personal favorites.

More personal favorites.

  1. Sam the Illusionist: YouTube.. channellings..excellant information.
  2.; covers so many areas of truth about lost civilizations,science,ssymbols & lots more.
  • Josephine artist..her beautiful works of Gaia,angels ,fairies,are stunning.

3 WordPress sites I love.

  • Parneetsacdev; of Timeless Mind.. wonderfuly informitive articles.
  • Jeremy Jain Babu: AKA: interesting varied work
  • Livewhatyouknow.ogr..another amazing website.
  • Thanks to.all of you for your beautiful work.

Lots of love 😋..GG

Published by GG

I am a 60yo married male living in a greater london suburb. I have been learning aboput and working on myself etherically for over 20 years. I love reading and some of my favorite authors are JK Rowling (Hary Potter),Marion Zimmer Bradley,Tolkien(Lord of the rings),Carlos Castanda,Stuart Wilde and most fantasy books.

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