An old soul who has straddled two energies

This lifetime has been incredibly beautiful to me: I have been blessed with choosing this time round to be alive at this wonderful , exciting juncture in human evolution..The timing has been impeccable, & no coincidence in my expanding consciousness & higher vibrational being…by that I mean I was born this time round in the last real vestiges of a dark lower vibrational energy before the 26,00O yr precession of the Equinoxes in 2012 & age;wise I am been allowed to experience the new exciting. energy being released onto this wonderful, magnificent planet Earth we reside on

It is a very special time (particularly for old souls), the difference in the energies is phenomenal,& having straddled both I can feel,see , hear & more importantly know the difference between the two.

Here are some of the main differences.

  1. Affirmations: When you tailored by yourself for yourself they work far better than ever before..spoken or unspoken…big difference!!.
  2. We can now mine the Akosh, our DNA & by talking to our innate (smart body) access self healing information.
  3. We can self is with practice now possible for the “who you think you are” to step aside & allow “who you really are” to communicate with you in a syncint way.
  4. We can now choose our own remembrance of past lives, enabling us to remember only the joyful,happy, exciting , magnificent times we have experienced.
  5. It is not simply about manifesting money, holidays, our home ,or dream job anymore, that’s there through is way beyond that, much bigger, we can now create through our consciousness a whole new world with abundance , compassion & plenty for all .
  6. Karma is old energy, we can now drop it ..we no longer are in a repeat, repeat, repeat energy.
  7. Time can traversed we can step into the circle , so to speak, from our past ,create our own future lifetime,s & through free choice know,who,(make or female)where & who with we will re-incarnate
  8. The history of Humanity & your true self can be accessed by you.

Struggle is no longer a part of the journey, it is meant to be, happy,joyful,fun & full of knowledge,& new awareness.

& So so much more,..This is the Paradym,..templates, I know this, because I have & still am experiencing both in this lifetime. .whereas previously I only knew the old dark limited linear constructs & biases lifetime,after lifetime…dark cannot now win. You can should you wish through free choice succumb to the retreating darks weapons of fear, limitations,lack,illness,anger,hatred,& judgement..and when you come back in your next life know it will be so different..but why wait ,when all this beauty, magnificent, wonderment & accessable tools are here in the now ready & waiting for you to embrace god/source & claim the magnificence you are & so do earned in your lifetimes of experiences.

Much ❤️ felt love & compassion..GG

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