Covid-19 vaccination: yes or No?

Dis-claimer:..I am not a Medical any information made in this article are purely from my own personal perspective.’

I have been asked many time about the covid-19 vaccination…is it safe ?..should I have it or not.

First many People in the UK have already been vaccinated..with as of today only minor side effects been reported.

My answer is always.. Free choice should prevail above all else..that free choice can only really be assessed properly if correct unbias fair aproppiate information has been given by governments,the medical profession,& the national media..& not used (as seems likely) as a back door entry to forcing the population to take it, by fear & the suggestions that a vaccine passport or record of proof be issued , so that only those who have had the vaccination can gain entry to shops, public entertainment places,the workplace,go on holidays,& gain new employment.

I know my own body,& how magnificent it is, (as is Humanities as a whole)& I know I can resist this virus, the body is a beautiful vehicle, & even if this virus dose infect, the body in a vast majority of reported cases has overcome it.. millions of infected humans have beaten this virus…& the majority of those that have , probably have no idea of how powerfully immune the body can be..& are less likely to know it has done this working at a fraction of it’s entire capacity..this unique body of ours can & will resit cancers,& alchziemers,& all other manner of illnesses that exist in a low energy 3D consciousness..our body is quantum & multi-dimensional , & in a higher vibrational frequency no 3D malfunction can outwit it.

I in all my beautiful years in this lifetime, I have only since becoming an Adult seen my doctor once in 40 odd years, & have very rarely taken any big pharmer medicines or drugs..I have done plenty of so called very rarely get a cold ,let alone serious illnesses .. so is there a case that if I put any sort of outside man-made medication inside my generally very healthy body …I may well become sick? Appropriate medical care is a wonderful thing (particularly Homeothepy) but so many of todays medicines & drugs are purely for profit making , & actually cause other sicknesses,.this is inappropriate in this new energy ,& once again another example of the dark energy showing itself to be cleaned up, as we begin to become aware of self-dianostic illness ,& appropriate ways of maintaining a healthy body.

This is a personal perspective, & free choice in the end must & will be applied.

Blessings in vibrant shinning health ..GG💗😊

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