3 Mystics

In the late 80,s I got interested in.mysticism..I read a lot of books in it..my favorite was ” Mysticism” by Evelyn Underwood.

A little bit about 3 historical female Mystics.

Hadewijch of Antwerp

Lived in early 1200,s she authored 3 books of note on mysticism “Letters to a young Beguine” which included a series of spiritual letters.

“Poems in Stanzas & couplets” & “Book visions”

“Letters to a young Beguine” holds the majority of her mystic ideas.. the most prominent bring is the idea “that the soul (created by god) in his own image constantly yearns to become one again with the Divine.

Angela of Foligno

Her life was one of both tragedy & inspiration. When her mother , husband & children all died suddenly, she became devoted to the work of St Francis of Assisi in 1291.

She experienced a powerful vision whilst walking to St Francis Shrine on a pilgrimage.

She was able to dictate her visions in what became the popular book “Experience of the holy Faithful”

Hildergarde Von Bingen

She lived between 1098-1179 & was one of the earliest known Mystics .

She was a child when she first received visions of God…it was only when she became an Abess, that she recorded her mystical experiences in detail.

A collection of divine visions known as ‘ know the ways” which eventually evolved into Hildergarde,s philosophies.

Pope’s,bishops & king’s consulted her. She died in the late 12th century & was canonized in 2012.

Three truly god induced women, inspiring in their faith to all that is… beautiful.

Love & light ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š ..GG

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