In a recent very informative Jeshua channelling through the beautiful vessel “Sam the Illusionist”.(you can check his wonderful channels on You tube) .the subject of communication particularly through words was addressed.

Words are extremely powerful & can & are often used by the media to manipulate & misinform the masses.

Words can easily be misunderstood , particularly in channelled communication’s ,from spirit & entities, 3D linear thinking & verbalization can easily change the meaning of things, so in order for humans to grasp or get a understanding metaphors are often used to describe things.

Verbal communication (words) particularly with the language barriers in the world & because of the vibrant power of sound help create our life & society..we have all through our use.of verbal words helped create the limitations in our 3D linear low energy society.

As part of humanities evolution our way of communicating needs to & will change..a more syncint clarity in communication with others & our understanding of God/source & how the spiritual system works is needed.

Telepathic communication is the way our higher dimensional brothers & sisters of light communicate with each other, that & the spoken beautiful language of light , which is begining to grow among many humans (me included, I use it frequently) it is innate in all of us…I have spoken ..pun intended lol..about light language in previous posts.

Telepathy however is a form of conscious thought communication , instantaneous,direct,& pure, enabling mass Humanity to be contacted & connected to, with clarity & is similar to how we as individuals hear our own spirit,god,source communication’s..this will.happen it is already in the field of potentials of awakening humanity.

Keeping in line with subject I think it is appropriate to send you all a light language blessing..In benevolence love..GG💚

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