The purpose of the Pleiadians was to seed planet Earth..they choose our particular species of human out of about 18 others for this task..they gave us 23 pairs of chromosomes (46). That biologists have discovered, everything else has 24..except we do have a 24th pair, that is our evolutionary weapon to becoming a multi-dimensional ,super new human..it is our quantum pair, this pair became active in the new energy ..it will change our dna, & means we can now unlike previously have a new past life awareness, ..where our dreams & visions are of benevolence, love,happiness ,joy, & a clear remembering of being male & female,..the number 24 (chromosome ) in numerology is 6, which is the perfect number, balance…we will have an awakening of past wisdom, a knowing of the things in the past we no longer want, ..& be able to see the potentials available in our future lives, enabling us to through free choice ,choose our next lifes circumstances in this life, something again that has never been available to humans..& this added dna chromosome.will.mean our body will become quantum..which means it will be inmune to any disease.or illness that is in 3/4 D consciousness..these conditions cannot penetrate the higher consciousness, they are 3D dark energy constructs..this of course will enable us to live much much longer, our body will not age because it will not deteriate itself having to fight such things….this is only some of the evolution that we are (Humanity) capable of…& We can start that process now, the new energy allow this, simple ask with intent ,give permission for your body to activate it’s innate ,dna,Akosh magnificent remembering.. the new affirmations directed solely for this purpose..know your magnificence, beauty,& graceful power.

I love you all in Grace,respect, benevolence & love ..GG

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