Florinda Donner

Florinda Donner (1944-1998 dissapeared) was one of the 3 sorcerer witches associated with the sorcerer Carlos Castaneda..her work & activities included indigenous healing,sorcery,& lucid dreaming.

Her books include “The witches dream ” & “Being in Dreaming” (Harper Collins 1992) one of my favorite books.

In her own words “sorcerers are interested in the Inherent capability to see energy directly. They describe their knowledge as the pursuant of this capacity to see the essence of thing’s.

What one normally dose in everyday life is to perceive a world one already knows & just revalidate it.

Most people are limited in terms of what they see. What sorcerers want to do is expand the limits the parameters ,of normal perception..not only do sorcerers see energy directly, we relate to it differently then most people

Our whole spectrum of what we are capable of as humans beings. One,s choices in life are very limited , because the choices have been defined by social order.

Society sets up the options & the individual dose the rest, because the options are only those that have been made available, one,s only source of possibilities it seems comes from those limitations..we try to break the barriers that block our potentials*.

Carlos Castenada was no more in 1998, ..the last time Florinda Donner & the other sorcerer/witches were seen were the day after his death, they all simply dissapeared (which is part of the Toltec sorcerer,s teachings)..see “Teachings of Don Juan” ..by Carlos Castaneda.

When I studied Lucid dreaming & being in dreaming in the early 90,s it was at the time in readably revealing for me.

You have my blessings in light..💕..GG

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