The” Little People” of Ireland.

Ireland is one of the few places on the planet were energy grids has a very high consciousness & if you have or should ever visit the “the emerald isle” you can feel the energy & know how special it is.

The little people of Ireland are real…they were an ancient tribe of Ireland,..& ruled the country from around 1700-1897bc. They landed on the Connacht coastline , emerging from a great mist, they were a very civilised & cultured people. They had 4 great talismans..the ” stone of Fal” which was meant to identity a king .it was placed on the hill of Tara, Island,s seat of the high king’s”. The “Magic sword of Nuadha” a mighty weapon that would kill.with one blow ..”The sling shot of the sun god Lugh” who’s, accuracy was unsurpassed..& the “Cauldron of Daghda” which was forever filled with Irish

There reign came to an end when they were defeated by a great might army of “Milesians ” modern day Celts..they fled & went underground ,were they became known as the faries..

Referenced from the “information of Ireland ” website.

There is beautiful, wonderful energy everywhere…what an amazing planet we live on ..I leave you with blessings to Earth mother Gaia…much love GG

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