The master..a personal vision.

I walk bewildered from the softest swirling mist into the beautiful Oasis.

The sky was beautiful, vibrant & sparkling, a multitude of stars twinkling in multi-dimensional wonder.

This is my Akosh, DNA, remembering flowing back..I see the flickering of a figure sitting cross legged by a crystal clear pond, the water shows,the figures reflection…one moment it shimmers into the vague form of a male, the next a beautiful woman, then it becomes translucent & light bearing.

I approach in awed respect. The figure beckons me to sit next to it.. head bowed I obey.

We sit in a mesmerizing clandestine silence..I sense this beings benevolence,& compassion it embraces me in majestic heartbreaking way. I weep, in joy. ,happiness & divinity. We do not speak, but we communicate ..I am part of this being ,this being is part of me, we are one, family,both from the stars ,old souls, melding knowing—I look once again, the figure is no more , I am alone, at peace & loved by source ..I should know I am everything..

You are all amazing..much love & blessings in consciousness…💖..GG

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