The Quickening

We humans in our 3D linear time thinking tend for the most part to believe that our evolution has been slow, we suffer with the trait known as impatience…lol.

The truth is our evolution has been rapid in comparison to the rest of the Galaxy..for example our closest galactic family members the Pleiadians have been around over a million years, it took them far longer to reach there Ascension marker then us…in fact we owe our rapid Ascension to the Pleiadians, they arrived on Earth about 300,000 yrs ago, creating Lemuria & choosing our species of human out of 17/18 different species & changing our DNA chromosomes from.24 pairs to 23..then creating 12 pairs of energy centers , known as nodes & nulls, a push /pull energy in 24 locations throughout Earth.

These pairs of nodes & nulls were programmed by the Pleiadians , to (if we survived) be activated on the procession of the Equinoxes 2012, 5 cycles of the 26,000yr event.

This is a fast track programme of evolution by any means…that’s how highly regarded we are, that’s how magnificent we are,..reaching a precipice of expansion in a mere 200,000+ yrs…a blink of an eye in a Galaxy that has evolved over billions of years.

So relax , drop impatience,this is the Quickening, (our scientist are even now looking into & asking questions about how we managed to evolve into this state so quickly…so my new career is a waiter…lol knowing things are moving along faster then we know.

In love honour & respect..GG

One response to “The Quickening”

  1. I love this piece GG, thank you for the reminder!!! Keep shining friend, you and your work makes WP a better place 🖤


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