The 24/7 meld…are you ready?

We are at a juncture in our evolution where the tools to becoming a human master thanks to the new energy of 2012 are now available.. for those who are ready the 24/7 meld to god/source/universe / higher self/ spirit..whatever you chose to call it, is now here, it is the next level of our evolution, to be able to be connected at every moment in the now, no matter what we are doing,who we are with, or what situation we are facing.

Fear, judgement,anger,feeling unworthy, not good enough, belittled, alone,all these things eradicated as a new human , existing now in this society ready for the change , just accepting, aware & knowing who you are ,being joyful wise & shinning light without speaking , silently as you shop,work,play,rest or whatever.

The tool is here ,& you can use it now ..I have mentionedin a few times previously, it is the new spiritual paradym, the mining of your Akosh , whereby you ask your body, remember your entire magnificence, through affirmations & visualizations tailored to your preferences with this purpose…along with a constant knowing you are ready, not wondering if you are, not thinking you are not worthy, or that you should be more awakened & aware right now, or what you should be doing next, when the next thing to do is mining Akosh & remembering your magnificence…so many of us believe we are either not worthy or should be there already..both of these attributes are 3D linear old energy paradym,s .. not needed…only your commitment & intent to knowing your magnificence & compassionate action are required…are you ready for everything you change..good 24/7 meld awaits.

You are so beautiful & magnificent..I know you are , do you?…💙💜💫.. blessings GG

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