Galactic wars part 4.

As previously stated..blah ,blah, article is a collalition of cross references , with Manual Limeroys Galactic history, galactic wars, providing the majority of information contained herein, along with my own limited remembering & visions. Which convinces me this took place…GG

Over time the original concepts of the war altered.The territorial planet grab became more or less a secondary purpose,the main goal was now over ideaolgiies.

One section ,the faction of mainly humanoids that were members of the “Federation of Planets” who felt they had been victimized by the Draconians, & in there mind rejected any further colonisation & intervention on other planets there was a big shift in there thinking & soon they realised & became staunch believers in the concept of “service to others”

The second faction consisting of some humanoids,& the Draconian – Orion Empires, steadfastly chose “service to self” .

This United thinking led to these 3 joining forces , they soon became known as the Draconian & Orion Empires.

This service to self attitude turned into an” by all means necessary ,at the expense of others” protocol.

From this perspective the forces in the ‘Federation of Planets” started seeing victims & therefore the victimizers as evil, & the victimizers saw themselves as good.

This turned the wars into a polarisation affair (duality) even though it did not start like that.

A point worth noting, history is littered with wars based on polarisation & these conflicts very rarely got resolved. This was proven in this war, the Orion Constellation wars lasted for Aeons, with no breakthroughs by either side.

End of part 4.

Happy reading you are all beautiful…GG

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