A Exercise in Dna & ,Karma mining

As I have stated several times, the new paradym of spiritually is all about our DNA…our DNA is spiritual, only the 30% our dna that is operational is the biological part, the rest is inter-dimensional.

Elijah the prophet saw his god force a 8×8 meter billions of light cells that surrounds us..he named it in Hebrew “the Merkarba” ..this is your fully activate DNA,.it is the DNA consciousness,. the masters had at least 80% of their DNA operating, that’s why most lived to an old age, most never really got sick,& where constantly tuned into there god source self. When you reach 100% operational dna you disappear…lol.

Our DNA is where our Akosh records are stored, within this is Karma, lifetime,after lifetime after lifetime of repeated lessons, repeat, repeat, repeat..a bit like me really reiterating how important in my personal knowing ,our DNA is becoming, in spiritual growth & awareness…it is numo Ono in this new energy…karma is now a dead old energy, it dose not work in the new energy & the dropping of repeating cycles is now essential, dump it, bin it, because everything in our past history is changing..& you can with the new tool of mining the Akosh that is now available to us all.

As the gif states ” no physical tools required,you can do it at home, once begun it works for itself…we can now consciously mine our Akosh, with intent we can pick..(pun intended)..lol..out your best bits so to speak, by consciously giving your body permission to activate it’s innate & your dna, telling it( as you are the owner – in charge)..to recharge,expand & repair your dna structure, & by giving yourself permission to remember the moments in your past lifetime,s that were happy,joyful,fun, plentiful, purposeful,full of laughter,play & wisdom..you see we have had huge amounts of this in our past.lifes, we need not remember the wars,hurt,pain,sadness, of the past, anymore,..this helps us reprogram ourselves, so that not only are we more of these things now, when we come back. we remember only the exciting higher consciousness energy that we left this time round,..in effect we are writing our own future from the past,..eradicating our own 3D linear time constraints of past, present & future, this also helps clean Gaia,s crystalline grid, replacing old dark negative repeating energy with a new more aware consciousness, & also through your new conscious thinking & actions of joy,love, happiness,plenty etc you are creating & changing the planet & your life right now…what a beautiful, wonderful,win win situation…I hope this helps you on your wonderful resonate,exitng, stunning, magical expansive journey to your human magnificence. .love๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก..GG

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