The EU & Further union of Nations.

Around 50 years ago a idea was seeded , it was one those wild card promptings that source sometimes squeezed through the cracks in darkness, which was particularly difficult pre the Earth at that time was dark encrusted.

It was the truly wonderful idea of a union of European Nations working together for the benefit of each other.

This initially started in 1969/70 with a 9 member Western European coalition a common market.

It grew slowly throughout a number of years, but became beseiged with the dark energy consciousness of 3D linear thinking humans this made it very difficult to evolve into what it will become.. Americans & America will know this from their own history that keeping a a union together peacefully has its problems,as American dark consciousness caused the 13-20 state split that eventually led to the Civil war in 1861…America since then has not only increased it’s member states to 52, but avoided any full blown confrontations,..which makes that nation a bit of a trailblazer.

The common market grew into the European Union in 1993, despite facing all sorts of problems, .. one of the notable things of worth that has happened with this union is the absence of war between the member states, what a thing of beauty that is.

We are now 9 years in from 2012, & we will see magnificent strides being made, as the new light higher vibrational consciousness, brings new paradym,s of country unity.

South America & Africa are the next two big ones to watch South America only about 20yrs ago nearly all the countries were under some form of dictatorship,now most have some form of democracy..what change, a union of these countries in some form is inevitable.

Africa will overcome it’s current difficulties & problems,as I stated in a previous blog “Canada & Africa” & in around two generations become a huge unified world trading Bloc.

We are beginning to the seeds of unity slowly taking shape,as it spreads throughout the planet.. Humanity is so becoming aware of our magnificent collective consciousness.

I bless you all my wonderful follower’s & are loved in your magnificence…💜..GG

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