Charge of the light brigade.

A personal take

In 2010 I entered the inner dark dimensional energy. It is through a tube that is rather like a Helter Skelter fairground ride, only you are in a condensed tube.

The journey seemed to take forever but was less then a few seconds..I emerged on a desert like surface, I was expecting it to be in complete darkness, but like most things on this journey of mine ,it was completely different…there was light all around me,..I had to blink rapidly before my senses saw the forces of light all around me.

The tall Nordic light beings were there..I vaguely knew them as Pleiadians, there were hundreds of them.

To my left was an amazing assemble of the spiritual white animals, owls,leopards,tigers,lions,stags ,wolves, elephants & horses, row upon row all graceful, resplendent & ready.

A few dozen brave human souls like myself were there as well..all humble,glowing & armed with the sword of Truth..I realized I also carried this immortal legendary weapon , it had many names Excalibur sword of king Arthur, ,Colara & Tizana the swords of Spain’s El-cid, Zulitiqar the sword of Ali Ibn Ali,Talib, the son in law of Prophet Mohammed, Kuganagi-no-Tsurugi Japanese legendary “grasscutter” Joyeuse, sword of Charlemagne. Durandal sword of Roland ( Charlemagne,s Paladin) Legbiter, the Viking king Magnus 111, Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegag of King Solomon & Gougan..the famous Chinese Emperor..a human of every religion,& many countries United in consciousness & ready to battle the dark created forces.

13 white elephants strolled forward they held the Trumpets of king Solomon & in a unified beautiful chorus of angelic sounds they raised them into the air blew them..the sound of Christ rumbled eloquently across the ground, into the air ,& cascaded all around..I watched in stunned compassion as thousands upon thousands of dark entities shrieked, crumbled & burst into twinkling light. Roar !! Came the call from the white lion king’s , the ground trembled, as hundreds more of dark,s manifestations fell & turned to light,.

The beautiful Pleiadians covered the desert type terrain with graceful bounding steps, there dazzling Merkarba incinerating all the darkness in front of them..

The dark surround us humans suddenly, I felt the fear , I gulped & joined my fellow Humanity in swiping our swords into the thick engulfing black, several of us succumb, but most slashed parried, breathed light & forced the black illusory beings back, slow light surrounded once more.

In flash the white animals searged forward, they were singing the most sonourous beautiful song I had ever heard, ” forward,forward beautiful creatures of God, this is the charge of the light brigade..we are victorious, darkness shall not prevail”


“On on on, in the love of mother Gaia, this is the charge of the light brigade”

Forward forward beautiful creatures of light, compassion in our hearts as we slay & disperse darkness”


On on , in the love of mother Gaia, this is the charge of the light brigade.”

I wept, as the wise white owls directed their attack’s from above.. hundreds of brave beautiful animals fell, but the dark,s casualties were far far more. The light was dazzling now,..but the dark was still fighting, it had retreated & could not go forward, but stood it’s ground.

The entire light brigade charged again, me included, hundreds of thousands of what we’re once dark energy, sparkled as they were transmuted back into the compassionate embrace if light ,god & source.

Then in the most wonderful , beautiful, things I have ever witnessed, the angels came, flooding the sky in undescribable colours,beauty,serenity ,& love,..I was humbled,tearful.& Joyful. My heart leapt in inner compassion & connection with my godself..then I was gone, up the tube, exhausted, wiser,humbled,& imbued with Grace, knowing & a unity with everything.

That was the charge of the light brigade…light had won, it now had a foot hold over dark…never since that day has darkness been the predominant energy..bless you all in unified consciousness.. GG


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