Galactic Wars: Part 3

As usual I have crossed referenced several sources of information on this subject& used the most commonly occurring..the majority of which as contained in Manual Limeroys Galactic history, galactic wars” once again this subject is still being researched & information is still in it’s infancy & it’s accuracy still.being conjunction with my own occasional remembering of events.

The Early conflicts took place in the Lyra constellation. The war really escalated in Orion , which at this time was inhabited by Vegans ,Lyrans & Reptilians.

Upon the Reptilians destruction of the Lyran home world’s, the Lyrans in Orion had vowed to avenge the attack’s.

They attacked the Draconian colonies in Orion, & of course the Reptilians responded.

The Vegans, however (humanoids)decided to co-operative with reptilian races, purely because they had a common purpose , exploration & colonisation.. this union would eventually be the basis for what would become known as the “Orion Empire” ..which came after the” Draconian Empire” & consists of both Reptilian & Humanoid races.

Today the Reptilians in this empire are predominantly what are known as the Grays, whereas the humanoid civilizations are of vegan descent. General consent is that about 1 in 6 world’s in the Orion Constellation (243ly -1360ly) is Reptilian.

At the time of the Lyran-Reptilian wars there was not an “Orion Empire”

The actual wars escalated very quickly & some of the world’s that had been brought under Draconian rule, started to rebel & where possible joined the Lyrans against the Draco ions.

This joining of forces was a prelude to the forming if the ” Federation of Planets” whose alliance commitment was a United stand in fighting the Draconian,s.

Still in force today this Federation now consists of civilization,s from the constellations of Lyra & Andromeda, the open star clusters of Pleidies & Hyades–,Lumpay, Ceti,Eridani,Procyon,Alpha Centuri,Tau,..all of these are Lyran/Pleiadian heritage.

Also included are some non- physical races, Sirian groups & a few Orion settlements,& mixed civilizations from.a parellel universe like Dal & Koldasians, (not

Some of the members were world’s with a Reptilian presence ,who joined wishing to be free from the rule of the Draconians.

End of part 3.

Many blessings 🥰…GG

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