King Solomon: a tale of feminine compassion.

This particular story is about understanding true compassion.

It is the taken from the “Old Testament” 1Kings 3:16-28.

King Solomon of Israel (931-970 BCE ) was a very wise man, he held Wisdom & was extremely aware of the god force within, even though there are many accounts that slander him.

“The Judgement of Solomon”

Two women stood before King Solomon of Israel in a dispute over who was the mother of a child.

The king without hesitating ordered the child to be cut in half with each of the claiments getting half each, of the women bowed her head in ascent, the other woman imeadiatly pleaded with the king to spare the child, by insisting rather then killing the child he give it to the other woman.

Solomon by this single act of compassion, knew who the true mother he relented in the killing the child & his final ruiling was to return the child to the second woman, the one who pleaded for the child to be spared “you are the true mother , take the child”

This is really a remarkable ruling at that time…only a true man of Wisdom would be capable of such a judgement.

Embrace your beautiful benevolent compassion , “compassionate.action is the key”…you are all magnificent & loved…๐Ÿ’ž.. GG

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