The past history of Catholicism in the old energy was full of control, dogma,old boy elitism,& 3D linear thinking man made concepts of Jesus & God, & of course years & years of abuse, religious wars, witch-hunts to name a few.

The fundemental idea of humanity in it’s masses gathering to celebrate god & the master of love Jesus, is a wonderful, beautiful concept & shows most of humanity believe in God in some form or another, even if it outside themselves, it is free choice, & no judgement should be made or given in fact I respect ,& honour all humans who choose in free choice to find god , after all we have all probably done this in past lives.

I have reiterated many times in my work , that in this new energy everything must & will change. This includes not only Catholicism, but all relegions.

Most relegions will not disappear,as some people may think,.. because god/source/creator is benevelant , & can only but love anything that is helping humanity in their search for divinity.

Catholicism in particular has changed since the new energy of 2012, on the 13th of March 2013, a new pope was elected, (no coincidence) Pope Francis, what a breath of fresh air & true spirit this man is, a wonderful, beautiful , benevolent spiritual leader..I 💕him ..he was Francis of Assisi in a past life,.

Francis of Assisi, (1181-1226) is not only the Patron saint of Italy. He became saint of animals, & the natural environment, & in 1224 received the stigmata.

He believed nature itself was the mirror of God, all creatures *brothers & sisters” & even preached to the birds. In “canticle of the sun ” he gives thanks for brother “sun ” & “sister” moon, ” brother wind,fire, water & Earth..he preached ” your God is your flesh, he lives in you & your nearest neighbor, in Everyman”

The current Pope Francis (born Jorge Bergoglio, took the name Francis in honour of Francis Assisi..he often passes new Catholic degrees during public appearances, thus they have to pass, this bypasses all the old energy of the synode proceedings.

What a man, an old soul, to take the mantle of Catholicism, he has already started to expose & deal with the corruption & abusive elite in that organization.what a beautiful,brave, blessed being of God to take Catholicism forward ,where eventually the true teachings of the master of love Jesus will be brought to the masses…that is the change.

You have my blessings. GG

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