Galactic wars part one.

I mentioned a while back I would do a series of articles on our galaxies ,galactic wars..I always do what I’s good spiritual practice..& the time feels right for me to do so.

This information comes from a variety of sources..Manual Limeroys “Galactic history, the galactic wars” being one source.

This is a subject that is still undergoing a understanding & lots of information is contradictory as to what exactly happened. There are however many sources that concur on much of what is currently written.

From my own personal perspective, I have had a few patchy downloads that suggest that these wars in our galaxy did take place.. hope you find my take on this subject interesting, informative, simple to understand & above all else fun…lol..🤪.

In our part of the Galaxy it is widly recognized that the “Constellation of Lyra” is where approximately 25.millon years ago ( our linear time)where over time several humanoid species evolved.

Most of these are known as Lyran, who looked very similar to our white humanity on Earth today, but taller.

Within 3 million yrs or so (22 million yrs ago) they realised they could travel to other star systems in their galactic vincinty, & so began to colonise some of the nearby planets.

On Vega, which is in the “Lyra constellation” 25ly from earth, they found some brown skinned humanoid races. These encounters were by & large peaceful.

After a while these populations began interacting together in further exploration & colonisation of space. Some of the planets they went to were Orion, Sirius,& Alpha Centauri as well as others.

Probably the 1st non-humanoid races they encountered were the reptilian races known as the “Draco constellation”

End of part one.

I wish you love & light..GG

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