Mass Spirituality 😍

As Planet Earth ascends from.3/4D many new agers, light workers & teachers, believe there will be a mass spiritual awakening of humanity..this will probably not be the case, of course many more humans will evolve esoterically & spiritually, that’s only natural in the new energy, but we are not overnight all going to be light evolving humanity is not nessecerilly spiritual development.

The business man or woman for example who suddenly becomes aware they have to change their approach to business , will not do this nessecerilly because they are more spiritual, but more then likely because their consciousness has naturally become aligned with the new higher faster vibrational business template energy , that is now there to tap into, new ideas,new concepts ( these are of course all god/source given,but will not be seen by all as that) is more of an awakening consciousness.

Big corporations will change , not become spiritually aware .lol.. because of the new more consciousness aware human, who have tapped into the Paradym of Ethics,practices that are now chair people,boards of directors properly elected, that are aware of the shift in Gaia,s crystalline & the multi-dimesional energy, of how corporations need & should be run & changed for the benefit of all.

Politicians will begin to genuinely appreciate their opponents & not try to belittle them by hatred,smear,or mis-truths.they will know as they step into the new of light consciousness, integrity & new fresher different policies born of source will win the day..& guess what voters will feel this compassion & vote in their droves for that person.

The old pharmaceutical companies will collapse or change their names with new more understanding chemistry knowledge, & work with more body informed aware doctors to actually create medicines that enhance the bodies natural healing abilities, not provide poisons that keeps you sick for profit.

All of these examples are of the new higher consciousness aware human, they do not have to be spiritually evolved.

A gradual move to higher multi-dimensional conscious thinking into those areas of society that have to change, dark energy old ways cannot exist in a light imbued one will become natural that Is the biggest change.

New babies will be born into this new awareness,they have already started to be, they will not have to relearn anything old, they will be open to the vast potentials of ideas, & concepts that will be beneficial to all. This is the new spiritual awakening..all done through love & benevolence.

I honour & respect you all..πŸ€ͺπŸ₯°πŸ˜‹…GG


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