I watched as my divinity went one way I another..it was lost in a cloud of haze ,dense darkness,.

The cajoling,battering , confusion ,lack of self worth began.

I felt ache, longing, septation,as I plodded through life knowing there was something missing, meaningful close by.

I reached outward time & time again,fighting my outer reality, only to find despair , it was not there!!.

I could not see much beauty in the world ,yet knew it was beautiful,only lack ,yet I felt a pang of abundance.

Very little outside of me brought me true happiness,joy, laughter,yet I knew I could laugh.

The outside search for my divinity was cold,harsh,cruel,nothing quiet worked.

Soon I realized I was not alone, much of humanity felt like me, the human species was mostly divinity free.

It cannot be,just this I said, where have I not searched.

I stood outside a church of Christ, a place where people went inside to seek completion, something clicked in me” surely not inside the church” mused “no,no people for a while maybe, “as I had done that myself, serene, beautiful,prayer & song within ,gone upon leaving.

Then I knew ,my divinity was me, it was in me ,inside,I had been seeking incorrectly.

Upon this revelation & knowing the dark dense fog shifted a little,..this time I watched as my divinity came back to me.

Blessings 💖..GG

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