The beautiful falling darkness.

The dark energy & pardyms of repeat,repeat,repeat, violence, corruption,bad politics, poverty greed coming to an end, darkness is beaten ,but it is not going down without a fight, it is being squeezed out into our 3D linear reality for all to see.

This in itself is a beautiful thing , because as it comes out , it must finally end…it will seem to be , to most of Humanity ,as if things are getting worse, but in reality, we are being shown where change is needed.

This is another beautiful thing ,those of us who are aware & are light workers ,should be celebrating any occasions the dark now shows itself… bless it,love it & see it for what it is, the final hoorah of darkness on out planet..(this may well.last a while)the falling of this dark energy is a truly wonderful thing to yourself,be happy,relax,& enjoy,this falling.

If you are detached , know,& are balanced within yourself, the darkness need never effect you again, especially if you celebrate it’s downfall with love, benevolence & understanding.

You are blessed, beautiful & magnificent..GG

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