Circle of life

The circle is a sacred geometry represents time in the multi-dimesional universe. It is the continuing cycle of life..all.planets are round, including our 🌞 , 🌕 & 🌎…all planets rotate around our galaxy approximately once every 250 million yrs, our planet Earth goes through 12 star system cycles every 2,125yrs, completing it’s entire planetery equinox every 26,000yrs or so..we entered the last one in 2012, thus the age of Aquarius has just started, this is the 5th 26,000yr cycle in our humanities exsistance.

So the circle is complete, time,life, cycles,all part of the master system of God/source..there is nothing in the universe, that is not in step with this seemingly chaotic beautiful system of God & creation.

Your beauty is magnificent & much loved😃💞..GG

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