The twin dynamic beauty of Art & Music.

This is in honour & respect to all you talented artist,s & musicians.

Art & Music are twin forms of our multi-dimensional connection to spirit.

Both can make you cry & feel joyful & fully immersed in what you see & hear.

Paintings can draw you in & hundreds of thousands of people will see them in different perspectives, a million colours , blended.from 3 primary ..that can be used in multiple ways by the artist to show their own inner source connected perspective of reality… the artist feels pure freedom & his innate flow through him or her in a joyous multi-dimensional union with everything.

Music is similar, from a basic 7 notes , thousands upon thousands of sounds can be brought into s harmonious union of vibrational melodies..a hundred musicians in a orchestra bringing a single peice to majestic life.

A choir of voices bringing a harmony of ❤️ wrenching beauty..& goose bumps to your flesh, or involuntary singing or body the mystical tones,vibrancy & frequencies of the multi-dimensional universe is brought into linear 3D .this is the magnificence of humanity in their consciousness knowing of expressing the beauty of God into the world.

Oh how glorious , joyful & blessed are we to have access to two of God’s most accessable gifts.

Your all loved by so many..GG

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