The Wonderful Pleiadians.

I have referred to the benevelant light higher dimensional beings known as the Pleiadians in a lot of my blog/posts.. there influence on humanity is so great that I now dedicate this post to our wonderful star mother’s,sisters & brothers.

As a race/species, the Pleiadians, have existed in out Galaxy for around a million years, far longer then humans..200,000+yrs…we are the new kids on the

They originally came from Pleidies , more commonly know as the 7 sisters, an open star cluster in the northwest of the constellation ♉, it is among the star clusters nearest to the is about 444 ly away..

The Pleiadians went through what planet Earth & humanity is going through a time of raised they know what we are going through.

Around 200,000+yrs ago they came to Earth appearing intially in Hawaii , which was & still is the highest mountain on the Planet. (It submerged causing the Pleiadians to move, most of it is now under the Pacific, leaving only the Hawaiian Islands of today).This became the start of Lemuria, & the Lemurian civilization, ..There were around 17 different species of humans on Earth at this time, & the Pleiadians chose our particular species as the one best equipped & suited to bringing Earth to Ascension (part of every planets evolution process).

They altered our DNA, giving us 23 chromosomes, in preparation for our & Earths, potential Ascension, in 56,000 yr cycles…they created a series of time capsules,..12 pairs of push & pull energy hotspots in 24 locations on the planet.( I listed these hotspots in my article “Gaia,s energy hotspots” The nodes are a push + energy ,the nolls – a pull energy (both magnetic)..set to activate at the end of the 56,000 yr cycle equinox,of 21/12/2012 if humanity reached this point without destroying themselves or the planet.

So the original humans(old souls) were birthed by the Pleiadian females, our 🌟 mother’s,sisters & brothers..they are our closist relatives of all the star galactic beings, they send us unyeilding love & benevolence,& truly care for us & have been watching & waiting us throughout history.

I am humbled by there passion,& benevolence for humanity, & bow my head in respect for these wonderful light beings..I bless you all in light & love..GG


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