Canada is nearly always voted the best place to live…In Quebec there is the Bastille of Sanite-Anne-De-Beaupre..known as the “church of crutches”.. where 💯,s of crutches line between the two main pillars,..each one represents a miracle cure that there..the god/source healing energy.

Montreal is a true place of culture & talent: “film,fashion,food”it is a place of maturity a golden city, in a magical high consciousness country.

Africa on the otherhand is almost the opposite, with poverty, corruption, disease, child abuse,famine,& drought,..fuelled by petty warlord squabbling.

Now throughout the planet there are lines of influence.. one of these lines goes direct from Canada to Africa , there is a reason for this ,Africa in around 100 or so years will awaken , there will be water,heating, medicine, , it will prove to be the next revolution of human magnificence, having the highest technology,& consciousness on the planet..think about it, it’s ripe for change, a change everybody else will see, because it will be so evident, as it comes from.virtually having nothing , any change will be seeing this change take place it will uplift the rest of Humanity & the world knowing & physically seeing this happen will prove real change can happen on the planet.. yippee how beautiful 💗😁.

This will happen because of the energy line running to it from Canada (Montreal)..they will get the eseotric Akosh that is imbedded in that one high conscious area,place,people’s, help another lower conscious on the planet evolve..this is how planetery evolution in the grand scheme of spiritual awakening works, it is part of the master beautiful,is this , humanity in it’s most profound benevolence..we ,us, humanity are truly blessed to be so highly regarded in god/sources plans.

I absolutely love you all..GG


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