Our split soul, guides, & multi-dimensional creating..

Here is a bit more on our soul, & creating reality.

Again as previously stated this is a extremely complex subject, that has been made even more complicated with the influx of new information ,that the new energy has brought with it… this is the simplest way I can explain this in words..it may help.you understand better if you clear your mind of any bias & perhaps should you wish re-read it several times..I suspect however many of my readers & follower’s are already intune with their god source & flexible in their thinking..the changes in our reality & thinking are & will be dramatic..in a wonderful, soaked in God’s love way.

When we are at the “winds of birth” (see previous post on this)ready to incarnate we are soul whole..when we arrive on the planet, we leave a lot behind the veil…so we are in two places at once, here on Earth & beyond the veil..simple so far.. lol 😁

The part of us that comes here also splits, into a higher frequency multi dimensionality..our guides, who follow us everywhere..so what we have considered to be our guides are in fact us..think about this..we love our guides deeply, because they are us..we may give them names , that’s part of human 3D linear thinking, we like to make things fit.

So we have part of us behind the veil, the coperal part of you , which you see in mirror..”hey beautiful, handsome, I am magnificent”.. part..lol. The higher self part of you & your guides part of you.. quiet a collection of family members..this is the multi-dimensionalty of the soul..it is in many places at the same time..

Now comes another old energy belief that is changing, our intent to change our reality…in the old 3D linear thinking, we use intent to to create what we think we need to aide us in that reality..IE. money,holiday,job change, house , etc, .our 3D needs, this is now such a shallow use of the extremely powerful tool of intent.. when used in the new energy, with a different perspective & thinking, like about trusting fully in spirit/ god, & all parts of your self.. with the intention to create & bring to you things you need, but don’t yet know about,..things far bigger & greater then what you can percieve in 3D linear thinking..by doing this we start to become multi-dimensional aware you see we are naturally abundant, & money ,houses, cars,jobs etc are all.parts of abundance.. so infinite money flow now becomes part of your multi-dimensionalty, & not a rigid singularity in 3D linear..our needs go way way beyond.what is being projected within our bubble limitation of everyday fear,worry,& scarcity.

You are beautiful,& play a huge part in all things..GG

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