Soul mates,twin flame etc.

This is a subject I have to approach very is one of the teachings, understandings & information that was buried in the old energy, & as explained in my post ” everything thing must change” this is one of those old teachings, that as now changed…many esoteric teachers will still stick with their soul mate , twin flame theories & the old template these were basic truths, but there is now new information & downloads that have been brought into our consciousness about this subject. The veil has been pushed back slightly so to speak.

I definitely am not an expert in this subject , my knowing is still limited, not linear but at the i think.I know a😁..but here is my actual knowing, in a very complex easily misunderstood subject.

The soul.lies empty in the cavern of creation, when we reincarnate at the winds of birth, alliances or agreement,s if you like are made with other individual source consciousness, to return together as a group, we return as a collective,as a, so parts or fractuals of our soul are embedded in many others for this to happen… so during our lifetime,s we are connected spiritually to specific you when meet 1 of these individuals in your current life , & you feel this connection,..this in the old teachings is commonly refered to as a soul mate,..this fractual is reunited with you, each piece when brought back this way intensifies your feelings so when several of these pieces are brought back into you,& you meet another of your soul group, you feel an almost overwhelming sense of partnership, this is the twin flame scenario..the feeling of completion,..when in fact completion is a circle it is never ending, we never die, we only grow, expand & become magnificent…as I said this is my own personal knowing on this subject, it is vast,growing & probably will change or alter many times in my’s also to remind you that all you think you know is changing, as we move into a flux of fluid energy movement, the new energy is a removal of all that we thought was permanent, or unchangeable, so just be, relax ,dwell in the love of your God/source , & release giving yourself a fixed 3D linear “this is who I am” identity.

I love you all..💕..GG


2 responses to “Soul mates,twin flame etc.”

  1. This is beautiful and I deeply resonate! Incredible work my friend, lots of love to you 🖤🖤🤗


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