“Everything will change”!!

I cannot dress enough..”everything you know will change*!!..A low density vibrational dark energy tens if thousands of yrs old, cannot now exist in this new energy of higher consciousness,. It will be slowly squeezed & transmuted back into light ,a new dynamic light evolved consciousness is so so different to what we have ever experienced .the esoteric, spiritual, healing will & are evolving in ways previously unknown.

Because of humanities bias, many well meaning, here before trusted healers & teachers, will resist the changes, insisting their healing, techniques, & spiritual teachings are proven over many years & don’t need to be altered or changed .. unfortunately this is not the case..healing, spiritual & eseotric techniques that worked previously , will now not work as effectively or not work at all.. so any evolving human who is currently using or thinking they need outside help , be discerning in who you choose,..I reiterate everything will change,.politics,business, employment, environment,weather,medical care,.. etc..& as this change happens things will.fall apart,& you may think things will never get better..this is the dark unwilling to give up, but boy it it will, light has won the war, so fear not.

The exciting news is it will get better, much,much better, for the greater good of all. In ways that most people still don’t understand or grasp yet…it will be beautiful, magnificent,as a new Earth, & a new human co-exist with Gaia in harmony, within a multi-dimensional benevolent, consciousness,..& even better news, every single human on the planet will participate & experience this wonderful new paradym, when upon our return in future lifetime,s.

Blessings in love..GG


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