Microism & Macroism Today.


There are still days when when I get overwhelmed with negative thoughts, mine rise from the pit of my stomach, this is genuinely the place where a lot of dark energy tries to hide.

As soon as they do ,I am now aware enough to almost immediately recognize them & deal with them, I breathe deeply, acknowledge they are there, bless & love them, in understanding & compassion, thank them spirit & light for bringing them to my attention ,then blow them into the infinite light cosmos to be absorbed & transmuted.

This upwelling of darkness &: thoughts is a personal cleansing as light exposes the dark energy that still hides in my body..this is Microism.


When I look at the world today, particularly through the eyes of the media, & listening to conversations with others, you hear,see & feel the negative darkness ,it appears the world is falling apart, well the good news is it is,..lol😍..this is the dark consciousness of Earth rising from Mother Gaia, the cleansing of the crystalline grid of all the hidden darkness she has stored there from the Macroistic low dark dense energy conscious thoughts & actions throughout the history of humanity.. The.planet is now going through exactly what I go through on dark days, the emergence of dark consciousness into the open, & humanity is now more aware & can now recognize this illusion of dark reality & change it into a more positive reality for ourselves,..as we change the microism in ourselves we change the macroism of the Earth, The crystalline grid & the Galaxy.

Happy days 😃😃😁…so there is nothing selfish in praising your magnificence, in fact it is the part of the spiritual system.

Love you all as always..GG

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