Global Warming

Everything we know has to change & will. The new energy will sweep away everything we know, even what we believe about global warming destroying the planet… humanity has not created global warming,..the warming of Earth is a natural occurrence, It’s a cycle, it has happened before, Gaia is involved,..the only danger is to us, by polluting the oxygen & air we breath, it will not effect Gaia, ln a shifting recalibrating of energy Gaia has to refresh & replenish there will be record temperatures hot & cold as we will enter another cooling cycle,the oceans have be refreshed to repopulate fish stocks, floods to cleanse the very Earth , volcanic eruptions to remove the poisoning in the crystalline grid, tsumami,s to cleanse the water, & we will be wasting massive amounts of money in trying to prevent these things happening, they have to , Gaia in accordance with our new consciousness will cleanse the planet in ways she see,s fit..she understands humanity, & is aware of our beautiful awakening, she will not destroy herself,..& the new awakened human will be resourceful enough to avoid mass destruction..we will find new ways of protecting ourself, moving away from high risk areas for one …like I explained in a previous article. The moguls are coming”.. we will know this, & have free choice yet again to avoid danger or not.

A cleansing is a cleansing on every level.. there is no going back, forget everything you think you know about yourself, a rebuilding is upon us, new means new, nothing old shall remain…Moving beyond 3D linear thinking is a big key, it’s there all the answers not fear, just find your own divinity & inner truth

In beauty & love..GG

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