Gaia,s system & humanity.🌏

Information comes to me in downloads over a unspecified period, it is often partial, & random therefore often at the time of giving to me, seems chaotic, & is always only understood by me after many repeated messages..& much checking & re-checking of the information from other sources..only then do I finally get the parts of the puzzle to fit into my ever growing & expanding linear 3D thinking,& can finally simplify it enough in metaphors for linear 3D reading & thinking…this post although I have spoken about aspects of it previously, is the most reorganized & updated, it also contains new information given to me , that you may or may not be aware of..this is the natural way it is meant to be, we are all growing & expanding in our own way as an individual sovereign aspect of source..the reading of this post will mean however you are aware at some level at least of the process..the purpose is to stir your innate ,& aide you should you choose in expanding your 3D linear thinking & connecting to your own truth & regardless I love you all in your magnificent aspect of God.

Our consciousness increases itself by free choice, we are divine, , our dna is everything we can pick up healthy stem cells from our past lives, helping us stay healthy & virius free in the now & future timelines.

Gaia exist,s for humanity, to support us in our evolution,by doing this she(because it is a beautiful, benevolent feminine consciousness energy)will eventually through her patience be able to make the transition from a dark,dense, low 3D energy planet into a more multi-dimensional higher consciousness…planetery transformation is not only how our galaxy continues growing but all Galaxies in existence.

Gaia has three essential ways/levels of assisting humans, she was designed for this, she is a intelligent consciousness, she speaks,she is our partner,the 1st of these is a 3D place called the cavern of creation, it is here we go when we cross over , each soul is stored here , there is a crystalline structure for every soul, we are etched here like “your name ..was here”. Gaia,s record of souls, it always has, past, present & future in it,& Gaia is there..

The second way/level, is our DNA this is stored separately, & is reunited into our empty soul when we decide to reincarnate again, this contains the Akashic records, it is the intelligence of the planet,& holds the lifetime,s of our experiences in our Dna, with the new energy a new tool.has emerged we can now mine the Akosh, everything we need is in our DNA our DNA was given to us by the Pleiadians we are in a quantum state with them.We can now simply by having focused intent & asking have the wisdom of the ancients ,think about we are our ancestors, with this knowledge we will eventually change the universe.. this his how magnificent we areπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ..our DNA only works at around 30% of it’s capacity, no wonder we get ill & you give permission to your body cells & dna they begin to regenerate & rejuvenate, as our innate which is the consciousness of not only our DNA, but our god/source says” thank you,.. thought you would never I can get to work , I was getting bored just waiting to do what I do best”” ..let’s keep you healthy,protect you from illness & extend your life”..

The 3rd way/level is the ocean connection,..our affinity with whales, (a dolphin is a whale) they are like us mammals, & extremely intelligent, our connection is evident in that our natural consciousness has made laws & decrees protecting these beautiful creatures worldwide,no coincidence there I…the whales , dolphins show us unconditional love, they are connected because they hold our entire records as well..another safety back up mechanism, hidden in the beautiful is wonderful, beautiful, magnificent readers & follower’s,we are part of the master plan of choice has taken us down a dark path, now we Awakening,our awareness is shifting, love, benevolence, understanding of our beautiful purpose,& compassionate action are the free choice options open to us now,..but as our biggest gift given to us by god/source is free choice, you can still choose differently, & I or god will not judge you..

Blessings in compassionate love..GG


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