Womb of dark.

Our species of Humanity as selected by the Pleiadians, out of around 17 different species, has been around for about 200,000 yrs, which makes us a very young species in our galaxy, the Pleiadians themselves are over a million yrs old..we are the new kids on the block so to speak..for around a 100,000 or so of these yrs we have lived in a dense low dark vibrational energy, & through free choice we have mostly created a dark history, wars,rape,murder,pillage, suffering,hatred,division, anger..etc.

We have been watched throughout this time, without judgement,by various helpers of humanity, as we created in the field,s potentials that could happen,..26,000 yrs ago, we entered a new cycle of the equinoxes, this marked a critical time for humanity , as the potentials of us destroying us & the planet became apparent, our dark energy activated reality was thick, very little light exsited on our planet, the crystalline grid of Mother Earth was encrusted in our dark energy thoughts & actions, there were glimpses of light , as ancients, masters & the indigenous people, understood the principal,s of Gaia, the stars & love of source…but we had begun to sow the seeds of our destruction, doomsday prophecies were everywhere..the Pleiadians in there wisdom had created 12 pairs of energy vortex hotspots on Earth, nodes & null,s essentially push & pull magnetic energy…& a marker in our potential timeline was set, (2012)if humanity survived beyond this ,our watchers from our galaxy & beyond the veil, knew we would enter a potential of new awareness in consciousness, & the battle against the dark energy would have been weakened enough for light to begin to.shine in ways like never before on Earth..once we passed 2012, the Pleiadian hotspots were programmed to activate, thus pouring new higher consciousness energy into Gaia,s crystalline grid, humanity had finally begun it’s emergence from it’s dark womb of infancy, we were finally growing up, still a baby ,but a small infant child out of the womb, & ready to begin the process of expansion, transformation,& magnificence that we were destined for, & now mother Earth Gaia can finally celebrate.

Love, love & beautiful benevolence..GG

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