Joseph , Jesus & Glastonbury.

The hotspot node at Glastonbury England, is probably the most powerful on the planet.

Joseph was Jesus,s Uncle, he was an abundant metal merchant, & did a lot of trading in England, & he travelled there on many occasions & Jesus accompanied him on a few occasions, Joseph was a well known merchant in England..this time in Christ,s life was when he was a young man, so any records are scarce,(if any).. because he was not known at this time, he was not recognized,it was his growing years.

After the crucifixion, Joseph returned to England, & set up the first church of Christ in Glastonbury, in honour of his nephew because he & Jesus, could feel the power of the Earths crystalline grid , unlike in his Homeland of Palestinian.

This church was beautiful,bright, colourful & there was no depictions of crucifixion, because Joseph knew of Christ’s teachings, he was the master of love, & that is what the Christian religon really is about , love,joy, & celebration of God within us all.

Blessings in light & love GG

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